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Mission Statement


   The Parks and Recreations Department strives to meet the needs of a growing community with a variety of economic backgrounds. We have consistently encouraged new development in our parks that would appeal to a diverse sector of the community. To provide state of the art park facilities and offer leisure, educational, cultural and physical activities to the residents and visitors of our community while enhancing their quality of live and inspiring personal growth, self esteem, pride and respect for the rural environment.

   Some of our accomplishments include constructing our Animal Refuge, continued development of Hardee Lakes Park, the addition of playground equipment at Pioneer Park, Hardee Lakes Park and Magnolia Manor Park. Also, we recently began construction of Soccer Fields and Baseball Fields at Hardee Park. By continuing to enhance our park system, we feel that we are contributing to the physical, social and economic health and well being of our community.


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Parks and Recreation
205 Hanchey Road
Wauchula, Florida  33873


Danny Weeks Facilities Director
Mary Alderman Executive Assistant


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Fax (863)773-0900


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Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.