Employment Benefits

Probationary Period - All new employees serve a 90 days probationary period from date of hire. Firefighters serve a 1 year probationary period from date of hire.

Working hoursMost full time employees work 40 hours per week, unless otherwise indicated.
Pay Check - Pay checks are issued bi-weekly.

Insurance Coverage United HealthCare
Coverage fully paid for individual employee. Dependent coverage available: Employees pay portion of cost
(Effective date – first day of following month after completion of probationary period)

Life Insurance - $10,000.00 policy paid by Board of County Commissioners, additional life available employee pays additional cost

Retirement Florida State Retirement

Holidays The County observes (11) eleven holidays per year as declared by the Board of County Commissioners

Personal Day All full time employees will be given the benefit on one (1) personal day per calendar year. Cannot be used until after probationary period; can not be carried over from one year to the next.

Sick Leave Employees earn (8) eight hours sick leave per month. Fire/Rescue employees earn eleven and two-tenths (11.2) hours per month which accumulates if not utilized. Medical Leave Bank and Compassionate Leave is also available.


Annual Leave
Continuous employment (yrs)
0 thru 1st .417 day or 3.334 hrs/mo (5 days/yr)
2nd thru 6th .834 days or 6.670 hrs/mo (10 days/yr)
7th thru 9th 1.0 day or 8 hrs/mo (12 days/yr)
10th thru 15th 1.25 days or 10hrs/mo (15 days/yr)
16th thru 19th 1.417 days or 11.336 hrs/mo (17 days/yr)
20 yrs and over 1.668 days or 13.335 hrs/mo (20days/yr)
0 thru 1st 4.667 hrs/mo or 56hr/yr (2.333 shifts/yr)
2nd thru 6th 9.334 hrs/mo or 112 hrs/yr (4.667 shifts/yr)
7th thru 9th 11.2 hrs/mo or 134.4 hrs/yr (5.604 shirfts/yr)
10th thru 15th 14 hrs/mo or 168 hrs/yr (7.0 shifts/yr)
16th thru 19th 15.868 hr/mo or 190.42 hrs/yr (7.943 shifts/yr)
20th and over 18.668 hrs/mo or 224.02 hrs/yr (9.334 shifts/yr)












Annual leave credits are earned monthly on the basis of the schedule above and are calculated from the first day of employment

Carry over of annual leave by anniversary date as follows: Regular full time employees 160 hours, Fire/Rescue 240 hours.
An employee is not entitled to use annual leave until employed for 6 months.

Funeral Leave Three (3) days in state – Five (5) days out of state.

Jury Duty paid full salary – all fees received, excluding mileage must be turned into the County.

Direct Deposit Direct deposit of paychecks available.

NOTE: The above information is subject to change without prior notice.

Equal Opportunity Employer
Drug Free Workplace




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