Wildlife and Rabies



Nuisance Wildlife:


Hardee County Animal Control does NOT handle nuisance or healthy wildlife complaints.
We are unable to impound, transport, or trap any wildlife.

If you are unable to handle a nuisance wildlife problem yourself, you can contact the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission or you can call 1-800-282-8002.


Rabies Information:


Image of a rabid raccoon


  • Rabies is a fatal disease caused by a virus.
  • All warm-blooded animals are susceptible.
  • The disease is usually spread when an infected animal bites another animal or person.
  • Because the signs of rabies vary, diagnosis is very difficult while the animal is alive.
  • The only positive diagnosis is by laboratory examination of certain tissues.
  • Vaccination is the best means of rabies control. All pets should be vaccinated.
  • Consult your veterinarian regarding the proper vaccination procedure for your pet, and be sure it is kept current.

If you believe an animal might be rabid, please contact the Hardee County Health
Department at 863-773-4161.

Note*  All dog and cat bites must be reported to the Hardee County Health Department.