About Us


Mission Statement


The mission of the Hardee County Animal Control Division is to promote responsible pet ownership, increase adoptions, enforce Florida Statutes, to reduce pet overpopulation and to reunite lost pets with their owners.



The Hardee County Animal Control Division is a county agency under the
Hardee County Board of County Commissioners. Hardee County Animal Control
was formed in 1995 to provide the citizens of the unincorporated area of
Hardee County with specific animal services related to dogs and cats.



Hardee County Animal Control staff consist of one Animal Control Officer,
and one Kennel Technician.


Stray Animals:

The holding period for stray animals not wearing any permanent identification
is a minimum of five days. After the holding period is over the animal is
available for adoption, transfer, or euthanasia.



We offer cat and dogs trap services. There is no fee to obtain a trap. Traps
are picked up on Fridays but upon request can be reset the following week.




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